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"Luke's Law" - Mandate for Private Health Insurances in Hawaii

  • Coverage began 1/1/2016
  • This law mandates all health insurance plans to cover autism diagnosis and treatment services, including ABA
  • ABA services will be capped at $25,000* per year*
  • Children with autism up 0 to 14 years will be covered*
  • Children receiving Early Intervention services ARE STILL eligible for ABA services 
  • The entire law can be read here

*HMSA and Kaiser have shared plans to remove the age and dollar caps for commercial plans. 

The $25,000 cap may need to be a practical consideration when contracting for care, however this cap should never be the basis for initial treatment recommendations. 

Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans do not have dollar caps in compliance with Mental Health Parity (MHPEA) law. Child-only policies are available.

If you are having difficulty accessing services, please contact us at Legislation@HawaiiABA.org and we will do our best to help!

Medicaid / MedQuest 

If you are having difficulty accessing services, please contact us at Legislation@HawaiiABA.org and we will do our best to help!

Department of Insurance

If you are eligible for coverage , but having difficulty obtaining the medically necessary treatment needed, you can file a complaint with the Hawai'i Department of Insurance .

EUTF - Employer-Union Benefits Trust Fund

 The EUTF (State of Hawaii Employer-Union Benefits Trust Fund) Committee has stated that HSTAVB‬ members will receive coverage beginning 7/1/2017.

Self-Funded Plans

  • Employers are NOT required to cover ABA
  • Several companies have chosen to cover these services voluntarily. 
  • Contact your employer and inquire about coverage. 

If you are having difficulty accessing services, please contact us at Legislation@HawaiiABA.org and we will do our best to help!

TRICARE - Military Insurance

Families with TRICARE military insurance are eligible for ABA benefits. 

Contact your insurance provider today to inquire about a referral. 

Federal Employees

Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB) will begin covering ABA in 2017.


A law approving Telehealth has been passed.   Health plans are currently working on the roll out.