Hawai'i Association for Behavior Analysis

To educate, advocate for, and support both providers and consumers 
of Applied Behavior Analysis.

HABA's 13th Annual Convention


Invited Speaker:
Dave Lennox, PhD

Dr. David Lennox, founder and President of QBS, Inc., received his Ph.D. from Western Michigan University specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis. With over 20 years of organizational, management, clinical, and marketing commitment, he has worked toward improving the services and outcomes for a vast array of healthcare organizations. Dr. Lennox has developed, directed, and consulted in organizations and programs treating children, adults, and geriatrics in a variety of settings including schools, community and group homes, long-term care, academic research programs, day treatment programs, and hospitals. He has managed services for individuals with a variety of rehabilitation and behavioral needs resulting from developmental disabilities, autism, head injury, Alzheimer's, psychiatric conditions, and a number of neurological disorders. Dr. Lennox has served as Vice-President of Behavioral Health Services for one of the largest national healthcare providers, developing and directing a nationwide network of over 80 specialty programs. He has conducted hundreds of presentations, published numerous articles, and has appeared on the PBS series entitled "Abnormal Psychology." In addition, has taught at numerous colleges and universities, has served on governmental committees for clinical change, and is active in numerous professional and healthcare organizations and associations. 

Invited Speaker:
Mandy Rispoli, PhD, BCBA-D

Dr. Mandy Rispoli is an Associate Professor of Special Education at Purdue University and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst- Doctoral level. Operating from a behavior analytic framework, Dr. Rispoli’s research explores: (a) improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and feasibility of functional behavior assessments and function-based interventions in school settings, and (b) innovations in professional development for teachers of young children with autism and challenging behavior. Dr. Rispoli has published over 100 peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters concerning behavioral interventions for children with autism and developmental disabilities. 

Invited Speaker:
Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D

Dr. Holdsambeck
is a licensed psychologist with over 40 years of clinical experience delivering services to people with developmental disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum. He was one of the first to become board certified in behavior analysis (#0007). The company he founded, Holdsambeck Behavioral Health employs over 200 clinicians serving 1500+ individuals annually in California and now Hawaii. Previously he served his country as a Captain in the Air Force and his community as a tenured professor of behavior analysis and human sexuality. He was selected as the 2010 distinguished colleague by the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s department of applied behavior analysis. In 2011 and 2017, he received the outstanding service awards from the Cambridge Center for his work in bringing evidence-based practices to California. Dr. Holdsambeck is an author and frequent keynote speaker at National and State conferences. His four most recent publications are the highly acclaimed books, “Behavior Science: Tales of Inspiration Discovery and Service” (Holdsambeck and Pennypacker Eds., 2017, Volumes I, 11, 111 and Omnibus editions). In addition to the activities mentioned above, Dr. Holdsambeck is currently serving in his fourth year as the Executive Director of the prestigious Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™.

Invited Speaker:
Amanda N. Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA

Amanda N. Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA (also known as Behaviorbabe) obtained her bachelors degree in Elementary Education, her masters of science in Behavioral Education, and her doctorate in Behavior Analysis. Dr. Kelly has experience working as a paraprofessional, a licensed teacher, a school counselor, and a behavior analyst. Over the past two decades, Dr. Kelly has worked in-home settings, public and private schools, residential placements, and community settings for children and adolescents who have social-emotional, cognitive, or behavioral needs. Currently, Dr. Kelly serves as ABA Marketing Liaison for Relias Learning: Autism Solutions, as well as Director for the University of West Florida's (UWF), Office of ABA, Hawai’i cohort, which serves over 40 students from the islands of Kauai, Lanai, Oahu, Maui, and Hawai'i combined. Dr. Kelly has been recognized for her dissemination and advocacy efforts. In 2012, she was awarded the "Jerry Shook Practitioner of the Year" from the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT) and in 2015, she accepted the “Advocacy Group of the Year” award from Autism Speaks, on behalf of the Hawai'i Association for Behavior Analysis (HABA). In 2017, Dr. Kelly became the first behavior analyst licensed in the state of Hawai'i. Dr. Kelly has served on numerous boards and committees and is currently serving on the board for the Hawai'i Disability Rights Center (HDRC). Dr. Kelly's dedication and commitment in improving access to educational and medical services has resulted in numerous invited speaking engagements throughout the world, including talks in Canada, Japan, London, and Africa. In addition to her expertise helping families and schools, Dr. Kelly's interests in behavior analysis extend to dissemination, organizational management, public policy, and sustainable behavior change. To learn more about Dr. Kelly and her work, please visit www.behaviorbabe.com.

Invited Speaker:
Andy Bondy, PhD

Andy Bondy and his wife, Lori Frost, are co-founders of Pyramid Educational Consultants, an internationally based team of specialists from diverse fields providing guidance and services around the world. He co-developed the evidenced based Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and has developed The Pyramid Approach to Education, blending broad spectrum behavior analysis with an emphasis on functional communication. He currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.

Presidential Address:
Kim Wolff, MS, BCBA, LBA

Kim Wolff
holds a Masters of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and a Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience from Simmons College. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. She resided in Nashville, Tennessee for 6 years before moving to Hawaii in 2015. Kim has provided consultation and instruction in home, community, and schools at pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school levels. Her experience extends to adult services from transitioning and integrating adults into community, providing vocational support, and collaborating with medical professionals to develop desensitization programs such as dental, EKG, and ultrasounds. Kim has worked with children and adults with Austism, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability with dual diagnosis such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bipolar, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Anti-social disorder, and other Mood disorders.

Panel Discussion 

       ABA Therapy Billing & 

        Insurance Services

During her early Accounting career, Michele Silcox quickly learned that the basic principles of Accounting apply across all industries. For the last six years, Michele has focused her career in ABA Therapy billing and recently specifically insurance funding sources. Her company, Therapy Billing and Insurance Services uses a Helper’s Heart motto, dedicated to excellent customer outcomes for Credentialing, Case Management (Eligibility and Authorizations), Billing and Collections. Her career experience is applied to her own teams that are acting as your back office staff to ensure the most efficient and effective disciplines. Additionally, her software background puts her company in a position to blend with your team by using the software you have chosen to use to manage your practice. ------Emily Roche has worked with ABA providers for the last five years and has assisted many provider and families with accessing services through different funding sources. With a business and health administration background, she joined ABA Therapy Billing and Insurance Services to lead the contracting, credentialing, and authorization processes. Emily brings a range of experience in working with insurance companies and has navigated contracting, appeals, and negotiations across multiple payers and states.

Donny Newsome, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA

Dr. Donny Newsome earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi and his PhD from the University of Nevada, Reno. He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D), Director and Owner of Fit Learning, a precision teaching laboratory in Reno, Nevada, and Co-founder of Fit Learning Systems where he helps to train and manage a growing global network of affiliated learning laboratories. Dr. Newsome is currently serving as Past-President of the Standard Celeration Society (SCS) and President of the Academic Access Initiative, a non-profit for underserved student populations. His research initiatives have focused on organizational behavior and educational technologies across various business sectors including public utilities, universities, school districts, Fortune 100 companies and community service providers. He has been invited to share his expertise via presentations, workshops and university courses on a wide variety of socially relevant topics to a diversity of professional audiences. He has successfully developed and supervised dozens of teams of practitioners, researchers, community groups and organizational initiatives. The overarching value guiding Dr. Newsome’s work is contributing to the transformation of human well being through the science of teaching and learning.

Kendra Newsome, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA

Dr. Kendra Newsome earned her PhD in 2010 from the University of Nevada, Reno. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and a Licensed Behavior Analyst in the state of Nevada. She has served as the President for the Nevada Association for Behavior Analysis and is the past President of the Standard Celeration Society. Dr. Newsome is a Founding Director and Owner of Fit Learning, Reno - a Precision Teaching Learning Laboratory that has served over 1,400 families since 2004. Dr. Newsome is a regular contributor to scientific and professional communities on learning science and evidence-based instruction. She and her colleagues have pursued inquiries into the role of language and relational flexibility in the establishment of complex academic repertoires. Her research initiatives include applications of Relational Frame Theory to education, the incorporation of Precision Teaching into Response to Intervention frameworks, and contextual analyses in clinical settings through the use of Standard Celeration Chart. Dr. Newsome has given numerous invited presentations and lectures on science-based approaches to education and serves as a consultant to individuals practicing Precision Teaching in the academic domain.

Global Efforts to Disseminate ABA
Panel Discussion 

Ashley Hogan, MA, BCBA, LBA

Kelly Deacon, MS, BCBA, LBA
Nicole Skotz, MS, BCBA, LBA,
Paula R. Ulloa, M.A., M.Ed.,

Ashley Hogan is a licensed Behavior Analyst who has worked with children with autism for over 10 years. She is passionate about using evidence-based practices and advocating for individuals’ right to effective treatment, no matter where they live. Ashley has traveled with the Global Autism Project to Nairobi, Kenya.

Kelly Deacon is a licensed Behavior Analyst who has specialized in working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) since 2000. Kelly has a multitude of experience in both designing and implementing programs designed to accelerate learning of pivotal skills as well as decelerate problem behavior. Kelly’s interest includes Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior, parent and school staff training, precision teaching, and social skills training. Kelly has traveled with the Global Autism Project to India and has recently been accepted into their leadership program. 

Nicole Skotz is a licensed Behavior Analyst at Malama Pono Autism Center here on island. She is an ABA enthusiast and has traveled to Indonesia and Nicaragua with Global Autism Project. 

Paula Ulloa. In December 2016 Paula moved to Hawaii from Guam to pursue her Ph.D. in Education, Exceptionalities Specialization. She’s been actively engaging in important activities including hiking, snorkeling, and meeting the friendliest people. Armed with her background in psychology and counseling, she started her career in education as a guidance counselor which eventually led to working with students with disabilities. She’s been a Special Education teacher at elementary and secondary levels and an Autism Program Consulting Resource Teacher-Technical Assistant (CRT-TA or “TA” for short:) in the Guam Department of Education (DOE) Division of Special Education. She later became a School Program Consultant (SPC) overseeing seven special education related service programs, including her beloved Autism Program, in addition to providing special education support to the Southern (“Haya”) school district. Paula has been actively engaged in everything autism on Guam including the pursuit of ADOS-2 certification and quality standards for the practice of applied behavior analysis.